The Hibiscus Farm

The landscape of the island is characterized by natural terraces that slope towards the sea, surrounded by dry stone walls and prickly pear hedges that protect the crops from the wind and salt. In this territory we grow Ustica lentils and our vineyards, up to a few meters from the sea.

The island of Ustica boasts a long agricultural and winemaking tradition that our family has carried on for generations, in the name of sustainable practices and technologies. Among the choices that distinguish this path are the adoption of organic farming methods, the valorization of biodiversity and the use of photovoltaic energy. Our store is located in Ustica in the company’s main headquarters in Contrada Tramontana.

Off the island we grow a wonderful olive grove at the foot of Mount Erice in the province of Trapani.

Our Wines

Isola Rosato, Isola Bianco, Onde di Sole, Grotta dell’Oro, Zhabib

Hibiscus, the only winery on the island of Ustica, produces wines of great character and freshness from native Sicilian vines that reflect the volcanic nature of the soil, the proximity to the sea and the biodiversity of the landscape.
Among the native vines, Zibibbo stands out, which has always been cultivated on the island and which is vinified in a dry version and a passita. Three other labels are added: a white wine obtained from 100% Grillo grapes, another white blend of Catarratto and Inzolia and a rosé of Nero d’Avola and Syrah.
Our wines are distributed in Italy by Proposta Vini.

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The lentil of Ustica

The history of our oldest product

The Ustica lentil is the product of excellence of Ustica agriculture. It is a local ecotype that has developed unique characteristics of value, such as its intense taste and its typical aroma, determined by the climate and the soil in which it is grown. It is a very small lentil, brown on the outside and orange on the inside, easy to cook. It is produced in small quantities given the limited surface area of the island and the tiring operations for its cultivation.

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Slow Food Presidium

The Ustica lentil is one of the first presidia established by Slow Food ( Our company is part of the association that gathers all the producers who follow the guidelines approved by Slow Food and who market with the same packaging, visible on this page, in the best restaurants and delicatessens in Italy.

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The “Isola Grande” oil PDO Valli Ttrapanesi

The company has an appendix on the mainland, in one of the most evocative Sicilian landscapes, where between the view of Mount Erice and that of the Egadi islands there are gentle hills full of vines, centuries-old olive trees and wheat. An intense extra virgin olive oil PDO Valli Trapanesi is obtained from about 4 hectares of olive grove.

Most of the plants are over a century old and are wonderful examples of natural architecture. The olives, of the traditional varieties of the area, cerasuola and nocellara, are harvested at the right point of ripeness and pressed within 24 hours with cold extraction.

This allows to obtain an oil with a low degree of acidity and very intense aromas typical of the varieties and can boast the denomination PDO VALLI TRAPANESI.

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The museum of rural civilization

In the main structure of the farm in Contrada Tramontana, a museum of rural civilization has been set up in collaboration with the Study and Documentation Center of Ustica Island.

All these objects help to reconstruct the material life of our island during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and to understand the economic conditions of our community and the attitude to develop what is now called “sustainable behavior”, that is, a careful use resources and a constant commitment to the reuse of materials.

The museum is dedicated to Ludovico Salvatore of Habsburg-Lorraine (1847-1914), Archduke of Austria, who was the first scholar of ethnography from Ustica. This museum is dedicated to him in recognition of the love and attention that the archduke paid to the history and natural environment of Ustica.


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