the Farm

The wine born in our small but well equipped winery comes straight from the island soul, the sea nearby, the sun and the wind blowing over the ancient volcano. BOur favourite varieties are the autochthonous Sicilian ones from which we make three labels of white wine, a red one and a Zibibbo muscat grapes wine, Zhabib,a typical top quality product of the isle along with the lentils of Ustica that have been a Slow Food Presidium for 15 years and a “jewel” of the farm, grown according to certified organic techniques. We are proud of the museum of our peasant and marine culture, set up near the area for tasting the wine with the help of our “Centro studi e documentazione Isola di Ustica”.

The farm includes an olive grove on the mainland, on the hills between Erice and Valderice, in the province of Trapani, not far from the sea. The organic techniques follow the guidelines of the European Regulations; we have been awarded the certificate of CCPB. The farm takes photovoltaic energy from the panels on the roof of the agriturismo areas.

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Our Wines

Isola, grotta dell’oro and zhabib

Treasuring the family traditions in making wines and thanks to the isle environment naturally gifted for wine growing, we have selected the best autochthonous, and not only, vines variety for our vineyards, for the production of the IGT wines TERRE SICILIANE

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The lentil of Ustica

Our most ancient crop

The lentil of Ustica is the most renowned crop on the isle. It is a local ecotype, otherwise called variety, with unique superior features coming from the climate and the ground where it is cultivated. It is a very small lentil, brown outside and orange inside, easy to cook; it tastes intense and with a typical aroma in the mouth; it is produced in small quantities, because of the small size of the island and the hard work needed to grow it.

IL GAMBERO ROSSO, one of the best known gastronomy magazines in Italy, has dealt with it recently, including it in the list of the ten best Italian lentils. It has also undergone a panel test with the following comment:

“Very little, brown in color, it is compact and firm after cooking, with the skin sticking to the core. Its aroma smells pleasant and delicate with long lasting taste”

Our lentils have been selected among lots of Italian presidia and have been used as a main ingredient for a great many recipes at Masterchef, the popular TV series with celebrity chefs.

Slow food presidium

The lentil of Ustica has been one of the first presidia set up by Slow Food. We are members of the association gathering all the producers that follow the official guidelines of Slow Food and supply the best restaurants and delicatessen in Italy with the same package you can see on this page.

the Oil "isola grande" d.o.p. valli Trapanesi

Most trees are older than a century and are masterpieces of natural architecture. The varieties Cerasuola and Nocellara are picked at the right ripening point and are cold pressed not later than the following day.

The oil is then low in acidity and intense in taste and can bear the D.O.P Valli Trapanesi.

Specifications of the latest harvest November 2018

Variety: Cerasuola 80%, Nocellara 20%

Sicily (ITALY) C.da Tangi in Erice and Valderice(TP)

Land sites and height:
Clay and calcareous marl of the valleys and valley floors in the countryside surrounding Erice at altitudes ranging from 150 to 250m on sea level.

Size are and planting pattern:
1,5 Hectares shared in small lots with mostly centenary trees spread in square 7x7m

Cold pressing only by mechanical procedures. Not strained.


Color: Emerald green

Taste: Full taste reminding of artichokes, tomatoes, herbs with bitterish, hot aftertaste.

Tins (5l), bottles (500ml to 250ml)

How to use it:
Perfect for meat and fish, salad and raw legumes.

Chemical test:
Acidity (% of weight in oleic acid) 0,34 Number of peroxides (meq 02/kg) 7

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the Museum

the museum of the paesant and marine culture

In the farm main building in Contrada Tramontana we have set up a museum of the peasant and marine culture with the help of the members of the Centro Studi e Documentazione Isola di Ustica as well as of the families living on the isle: they have provided us with information and supplied with traditional items.

They have been gathered in different groups: tools used by peasants and fishers, household goods, furnishings, items of clothing, documents and pictures.

The majolicaware is greatly interesting:it comes from Campania and Sicily and it was used to floor the houses of Ustica. Don’t forget to have a look at the leather hand pierced sieves or at the “ingegno”, a tool used for fishing coral.

All these items help remind of the living conditions on the isle during the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries and learn more about its economy.

Moreover you will understand how today’s “sustainable behavior” was born, that is using the resources wisely and recycling materials carefully.

The museum is still in progress and we are going to provide it with further items along with material for school use. It is named after Ludovico Salvatore d’Asburgo Lorena (1847-1914), archduke of Austria, the first expert of ethnography in Ustica. He wrote a great many works and travelled a lot to Ustica and the Aeolian Isles, collecting extraordinary traditional items of the island. He wrote the volume Ustica, published in Prague that he himself enriched with 58 xylographies.

This museum is dedicated to him for his love and care for Ustica’s historical traditions and natural environment.